The channel programming

The channel programming will be able to be enjoyed in all the metropolitan area homes, through open televisión and is seeking to open a window to cultura, knowledge, information and entertainment ina fun and interesting way.

In channel 44 we understand that today’s televisión must be a communicationg different space, that allows public’s participation in the creation of our contents.

This way channel 44 will become withowt a doubt everybody’s signal. At the programming display you can view live transmition of the news programs that U de G’s radio is currently producing, as well as new programs from the Esferas series, Snail world (Mundo Caracol), More than news (Más que noticias),The Compass (La Brújula), Magic Land (Tierra de Magia), The wagon (La Vagoneta) and Sex, then I think (sexo, luego existo).

U de G’s launching programs  are: Medical Tv (TvMédica), Echoes (Ecos). Lecture Julio Cortazar (Cátedra Julio Cortazar), Sports 44 (Deportivo 44), Ilegaliens, Goes and runs (Se va y se corre), Our music (Nuestra música). Produced by UNAM, will be transmitted the programs La Victrola, Mexico arrival door (México puerta de  llegada) and Science What for? (Ciencia ¿para qué?).

The linkings will be made with channel 22 with the programs La Dichosa  palabra (The well known word ), Huellas del tiempo (Time tracks), Pueblos indígenas hoy (Today’s Native towns) ), A la mesa! ) To the table!), Escenarios (Sceneries), Museo del Cine Mexicano (Mexican museum Filmmaking) and Naturaleza (Nature). UdeG’s open televisión carrier will be broadcasting two televisión signals: permit holder channel 44 of UHF and a digital open television signal in the city Los Angeles, California, channel 31.2.

Channel 44’s sigal will not be able to be commercialized, that’s why the financial resources that it’s operation will be demmanding in short term, will be supported by the University’s possibilities. Never the less the contents that Channel 44 will be producing to cover it’s channel programming will be able to be a way of making self resources.

UdeG televisión will offer in Los Angeles a cultural channel, attractive to the audience and offering formatice entertainment. It’s signal will be commercialized by the US laws.

For the television programs production, the Univeristy of Guadalajara counts with the assistant management of Universitary Productions.


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