“Se va y se corre” The lotery

The lotery game, widely distributed in Mexico, it’s a random game in which the players place bean seeds on the pictured boards while the printed images match the ones pulled from a 54 card stack.

The lotery must have a person speaking out loud , who improvises sayings related to the images. Many times about today’s topics and always according to the audience. It’s used that the loud speaker beggins the lotery game with the frase:

“¡Se va y se corre con la vieja del pozole!”, o “¡Corre y se va corriendo!”…

This allows the participants to pay attention; the séller can’t stop or sign again the previows cards. While the cards are beeing said, the players place a marker on their cards (usually  a seedm coin or small rock). The one who fills the card wins, usually with nine or twelve images. When you accomplish this you must scream “Lotería” or “Buenas” in order to end the game.

This way the audience will have an excelent hobby finfing out the stories the program narrates.


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