“Esferas” combines chatting, interview and deep analisis to offer the TV viewers a rich and profund picture of the most worrying subjects. The program explores the different spheres (social, economy, politics and culture) that conforms the happenings that affect everybody, allowing the audience to have an informed opinion with analitic, critical and well thought bases.

Esferas is an obligated appointment for the social and political characters, whose decision and  performance have impact in the regional happenings, the same time being a forum where the citizens opinion is heard and valued.

The most important events in Jalisco, Mexico and the world voced by specialists. In order to understand the events that will have an impact in our society, it is necessary to analize, discuss and crticize them from all the spheres. Conducted by Cecilia Márquez and Ricardo Salazar. Monday to Friday at 9:30 A.M. with a proposal of  a rerun. Also live Monday to Friday from 19:30 to 20:00. To be back at night schedulle in a rerun program Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 00:30 to 01:00 hours.

Snail world

Televisión for growing minds

Snail world “Mundo Caracol”, teelvision for grwing minds is college TV for the smaller ones, now with a more including layout for the viewer, it transforms without leaving on a side the educational and fun touch for the whole family.

Since it’s beginings, snail world decided to be in the city’s TV as a different offer from the local TV productions, that inlcuded simple and clear explanations of what surrounds and lives in our planet or why things happen. Even more when it became part of the Guadalajara’s University programs, that was built with topics and sections related to science, technology, arts, values and recreational.

For Snail World it has always been essential to know we are creating future college people from the kids, trying to make them more reflexive and critical about an actual TV offer.

Kaleidoscope bases its tv proposals respecting radio and TV federal law which includes in it’s 59th article that the programming directed to infants must:

  • Provide the harmonic childhood development.
  • Stimulate creativity, familiy integration and human solidarity.
  • Procur the national values comprehention and the knowledge of international community.
  • Promote the scientific, artistic and social knowledge in children.
  • Provide fun and  contribute to the formative process of childhood.

Snail world is a single subject TV programm directed to children and family audience that  with different sections tries to shape and orientate the kids in a fun way, communicating pieces ..entrelazadas…, while knowlegde is promoted, curiosity and differente values such as respect, tolerance and civics, curious data and trascendental information about the topic in matter, completing them in different sections.

A single subject program On each program there is a different topic, in whic is central and all the capsules go around it.

Promotes science and respect A fundamental section of Snail World is the respect for the planet, starting grom home and pets.

It spreads the knowledge The history of how thigs were invented, but relating the invention to the subject, same way as it psychomotor challenges done by kids from different city schools, the teaching of traditional games and science section, that explains the phenomena testing it’s theories with simple experiments that kids can make home.

Sports A section where kids are informed about the different sports and recreational options and that are practiced in different spaces, through athletes interviews that have been outstanding in this area and informative capsule that complements each sport.

Art and culture This section offers the different artistic manfestations closer to the children like storytellers, puppets, song singers and writters.

Because of this and reflecting that actuall television for kids has been modified with new tendencies worlwide, that include open dialogue and direct communication with the viewers, is why Snail World is being proposed.


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