Canales Universitarios

National Polytechnic Institute (Once TV, channel 11); UNAM (UNAM Tv, channel 20); Autonomus Spain University of Durango (XHUNES, channel 28); Autonomus University of Nuevo León (XHMNU, channel 53); and Sonora University (XHUS, channel 8).

For their national presence and contents, the televisual offers of CONACULTA channel 22, UNAM Tv and Once Tv from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) stand out.

Some of these signals got their permits decades ago. IPN’s channel 11 is actually Latin America University televisions’ dean, same as the oldest public service television of this continent’s area, started it’s transmitions in 1959. Sonora’s University Station broadcasts since December 1965. Channel 53 of Nuevo León’s Autonomus University operates since 1990 and UNAM TV since 2005.

Starting January 31st, 2011, XHUDG-TV Channel 44, officialy beggins it’s transmitions in Guadalajara’s metropolitan area. For you we make different television. Channel 44, everybody’s signal.

Dr. Marco Antonio Cortés

The wide and opportune diffusion of science’s accomplishments, the culture and the arts is a main component of social’s mission of Guadalajara’s University.

To fulfill this responsability, it’s an essential condition to make Jalisco a more informed and cultured society, it is also a fundamental coil for Jalisco’s residents well-being.

Collage students congratulate our selves for having, starting today, another powerful instrument to take to Jalisco’s habitants some of the ken produced at the institution, and share with them the knowledge thet comes from the different scientific, art and humanitary disciplines,

We beggin broadcasting the XHUDG-TV, channel 44 transmitions, with the satisfaction of having accomplushed one of the most longing projects of the university students, but also with the commitment of turning it into an clear alternative for entertainment, that lays out the quality atractive contents, and contributing to create a more cultured and demanding audience.

Guadalajara’s Univeristy open television will offer an important variety of programs, news, analisis and debates, musicals and kids shows, series, documentaries, cronicals, interviews and cinema, among other oprions. I believe that XHUDG-TV, channel 44, will enrich and enhance the cultural difusión work that college people do, and that very soon will enjoy the prestige and aknowledgement that now is offered to other projects of Guadalajara’s University.



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