Cadaver exquisito

Five directors ina big old house will make a short film. No one knows the story, no one knows what the other one’s will produce.

Everybody has the same objective: make an exquisite short film. Don’t be affraid and join this story’s surrealism.

The Exquisit Cadaver tecnique has been adapted to drawings and collages, and today to TV, maybe inspired in children’s illustrations in which the pages where divided into three parts (the upper third would show a persons head or animal, the middle third the torso and the bottom thirs the legs). The children had the ability to mix and match the figures by flipping the pages.

It can also be sent by mail a drawing or collage to the players –by progressive stages- this is known as “Exquisit Mail Cadaver” (apparently, it doesn’t matter if the game travels through mail or not).

Some have played the game with a drawing game with an agreement of what could be the result of the ilustration, something that could be considered a contradiction of the game’s surrealistic nature.

The game has been adapted to be used for computers graphics, to construct surreal objects, and even anadaptation for architectural  proposals.


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