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Today, promotion and distribution extend all at the same rate by land and air. Communication has evolved to reach readers, consumers and users of electronic devices that purchase, receive and devour information

Today, communication standards require the highest return on investments by the advertiser. Budgets for traditional and print advertising have shifted to other alternate means, forcing “print media” to add alternative ways to reach modern readers and consumers whose attention is constantly being vied for.

Electronic media markets are more appealing.  With dynamic availability, it is intended to allow access to free information, quickly and easily.

In 2008, ICONO is launched online and takes off from local consumer markets in its region to platforms of international promotion, covering territory by air (Internet and social networks) and Earth (person to person) simultaneously.

The difference is the reliability of information that is always available in dynamic cyber libraries. Information can be accessed 24/7/365 in different formats that offer text, image, audio and video immediately, anywhere in the world.

Digital versions provide information in several languages, in several versions, at a low-cost and high-impact.

Today, the reader is an avid consumer of information, but only invests a short amount of time to consume.

Mission and Vision of our Project

ICONO is a publishing company proposal. You may ask, how could ICONO endorse printed projects today when the publishing industry is depreciated and sponsors and advertisers are shifting to digital media?

ICONO was first and foremost established on the web. We have the experience and the access to information and the newest user friendly technology that was born first and before anything on the Internet, has experience of access to information and new technologies of an audience that is the USER OF INFORMATION. Serving also the primary markets by land (as well it is said)

Our printed proposals are special projects of socialization. Today there are many stops and populations where access to a printed edition is irreplaceable

Today we offer complete editions of information that allow readers, hearings and the general public access to the same information in traditional systems, without neglecting at any time new technology schemes

“Equals to an editorial supplemental edition that prints the number of copies that will be required and that distributes or delivers where needed, without being restricted to any rotary traditional”

Our editions are standard: European tabloid, size 25.5 x 35 cm, color selection, 24 pages and 4 sections of editorials.  We have the capability of placing racks in corners, or door to door, depending on the case. Our coverage is national in the country and may be present in the 32 States of Mexico.

The editorials are prepared by our group of journalists as well as with special guests that promote their products, contexts and services, images are often provided by the same sponsors and testimonials are the product of comprehensive editorial work.