Kumon Method

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The Kumon Method is one of the systems of math and language developed by Japanese Toru Kumon. This method involves the repetition of basic math exercises that gradually become more complex until the student reaches an advanced level of proficiency. The most important purpose of this method is to lay the foundation for learning in those areas that provide a high level of self-confidence and the student’s ability to learn by himself, such as mathematics and language.

The Kumon method, developed in 1956, has become so popular that there are currently Kumon centers in 71 countries worldwide. In America there are 1300 Kumon centers.

Kumon’s idea is to focus on each student individually and help you progress at your own pace. The Kumon method of mathematics starting with very basic exercises such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Kumon Math is the only method where the student progresses along through 23 levels which become gradually mathematics challenging.

In Kumon Reading, however, students focus on the steps of reading and word formation. Like the method of mathematics, language Kumon introduces students to basic exercises, gradually getting to produce summaries and interpretations of texts more advanced and complex issues.


What is Kumon?

Kumon program is the most successful school education in the world. Kumon born of love of a parent concerned about your child’s development, so in Kumon not take for granted that a child’s ability for their age or grade level. We believe that any child can develop skills far beyond the expectations of their parents and including themselves. In Kumon, students work according to their abilities, starting at the level of mathematics that dominate, determined by a placement test, proceed at their own pace based on their own efforts, dedicating to the study, 15 to 30 minutes daily. Kumon has a presence in 44 countries and regions worldwide and has more than 3.5 million students.

Kumon Rouse

Kumon Philosophy

Develop the potential that each student is provided with this gift and growing full adult form healthy minds and thus contribute to the global society.

“Every child has the capacity to learn well above the expectations of their parents. Our job as educators is not to fill them full of facts and data as if they were just empty boxes, but to encourage each child to want to learn, teach him to enjoy learning, and prepare you to study what you need or want in the future. “( Toru Kumon, Quote taken from “Every Child an Achiever”)

Kumon goals.

The aim of Kumon is to develop the potential of every child and every day we meet through our students results are obtained as mastering basics, improving concentration and study habits, discipline and confidence improves, etc.

The parental support is an integral element of Kumon, supervision of daily work is essential to the advancement of children and parents should encourage them constantly. The most important thing you can bring is its long-term commitment to keep their children involved in the study Kumon, to develop their full potential.

The main goal of Kumon is to develop the capacity of our students beyond what is established canons of traditional education by age or grade level, through self-learning in that way, may acquire skills that will help them in their lives whole.

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